7 out of 10 girls believe they are not good enough in some way.*

The TOP wish among all girls is for their parents to communicate better with them*...

Only 67% of teen girls ages 13-17 turn to their mothers as a resource when feeling badly about themselves.*

  • There is a lack of communication between teen girls and the rest of the outside world (including parents)
  • Teens sometimes feel like their parents “just don’t get it”, or “don’t understand them, and “can’t relate” to them, their lives, or what they are “going through”

The Solution...

Journey Girl, LLC™

"Journey Girl is the bond between girls and moms!"

    We believe in empowHERing girls and moms with best practices on how to have better relationships with themselves and each other    


We do it for girls and moms past, present, and future!

We help girls and moms...
A) Discuss challenges
B) Reach an agreement on issue causes and solutions
C) Create action plans for successful solutions 
D) Implement evaluation methods



 -LIVE Mother-Daughter Workshops
 -Girl Group Teen Life Coaching
 -Parent Group Coaching
 -Mother-Daughter Team Life Coaching

 -Business Coaching for Female Socialpreneurs

The three biggest and most critical problems girls and moms face are:


1 - The teen/pre-teen girl and mom have a lack of effective communication and understanding between today’s girl and her mom

2 - The mom feels a loss of hope/fear of "losing" her "baby girl"/daughter

3 - The mom (and the girl) has an urgent need to 1) communicate 2) understand 3) mediate the differences 4) translate the issue 5) mend and bring peace/settlement to the [mother-daughter/girl-society] relationship 



Journey Girl, LLC offers a 90-minute '5-Steps to a Better Mother-Daughter Relationship Workshop'

Each of our sessions are designed for teen girls and moms who would like help in overcoming issues such as gaining clarity, removing the feeling of being "stuck" and/or help managing and reducing stress in their relationship. Sessions allow moms and girls to make positive changes in their relationship, while giving strategies that "stick" long after sessions are over. Team Life Coaching allow time to get to the "root" of the issue(s), and gives the mother-daughter team actionable tools help make important changes within during the process.


We facilitate a discussion that starts a dialogue to help girls and their moms communicate (starts with active listening), understand (process what’s being said and “seeing it” from the other person’s perspective), mediate (hear the challenge/issue/problem/obstacle and bring change to the surface), translate (surface the challenges/”opportunities”, reach some level of agreement about the nature of the challenge, the causes of the challenge, and the appropriate solutions to meet and beat the issue/challenge), mend and bring peace/settlement (discover and implement actionable plans and solutions on how to stay better, along with appropriate ways to evaluate the results) .

Coaching sessions are based on our book, The Journey Girl Guide to Teen Girl Self EmPOWERment; Tips, Tools, and Tidbits of Girl-friendly Advice. This workshop includes several hands-on modules of helpful information for developing and enhancing leadership, goal-setting, values, character-building and life skills.


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Our 90-minute small group
Teen Life Coaching for girls
(for up to 25 girls)

 Sections/modules are as follows:

Mentor Me
(Finding a Mentor, Meeting Your Goals)
One of the most important parts of life’s journey is having someone to help you through it. If you ever find yourself in a place of needing inspiration, this module on finding a mentor may be the answer in helping you succeed.

B. Fly
(The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking)
Interacting with friends in a digital world is exciting. The life lesson on being an empowered ‘social networker’ is in the way you choose to socialize. This module will guide you on the journey of a “Social Butterfly”.

Miss U.
(Clearing Up the Miss Understanding)
Ever wondered what you’re supposed to do, or how you’re expected to act as a young lady? This module provides tips that shed a little light on this topic to help you clear up the miss understanding.

Under Pressure
(Facing Your Bullies)
It’s a little known fact that bullies have existed for a very long time (and probably always will). This module discusses facing the bullies in your life, and teaches you how to stand up to them once and for all.

(Finding and Sharing Your Passion)
Discovering something that you’re good at is one of the greatest feelings. Sharing your gift with the world feels even better. This module will help you uncover what you’re passionate about and give you ideas on how to share it with others.

Girls and Moms Are Talkin'
Read How We're Impacting Girls & Moms Worldwide...

"My favorite part of the workshop was the open dialogue format for the girls to share feelings."
-L.Palmer, Z's Mom

"I wanted to know that I am beautiful. I needed to hear it from someone else. Our talks really help. Thanks Ms. AJ"
- L. Clark, 14

"The workshop was great. The girls really liked it and had a great time. This workshop will help me (as a mom) go about the right way to say things so the girls will feel more open to come and talk with me."
-S. Parker (Mother of 2)

*Source: Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem, 2008


Answering the Question: “What About The Boys”?...

While Journey Girl, LLC cares deeply about the common welfare of young women and young men, our particular expertise is with young women. Schools, organizations and parents, as well as young women themselves, find our programming and events especially helpful in strengthening the teen woman’s sense of confidence, independence, and full competency.

That said, many of our products and services are accessible to males. While our workshops and events are for young girls and women only, many of the workshops/events modules and activities could be incorporated into existing programs used by individual and organizations working with young men. We are open to working with individuals and organizations serving young men who would like to learn more about using our materials to expand and enhance their programs.